3 reasons social media is a tough sell

3 reasons social media is a tough sell

I read a great post today at the SocialMediaToday blog about the three top reasons social media is still a tough sell. This is a great post with which I totally agree.

This post was particularly poignant given that I just met with a potential new client who had experienced all three of the followinf conditions from previous so called social media “gurus” and “experts”.

1 – Consultants make social media sound scary and/or unapproachable.
2 – Companies care about how they can increase sales not make themselves feel or look cool.
3 – Social Media consultants frequently come across as arrogant and without regard for the culture of their clients.

I’m not sure why it’s so difficult for those of us in the consulting field to understand that the only thing we accomplish by making ourselves seem otherworldly and omniscient is the alienation of our clients and the denigration of our vocation.

What about you? What experiences both bad and good have you had with consultants?

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