Please form an actual opinion of your own

I’ve pretty much had it. I keep hearing on the radio and television people say things like, “I’m not voting for Obama because his name, Barack Hussein Obama, is only one letter off of Osama”. That and people who say things like, “Obama is an elitist and McCain is for all Americans”.

You know what, at the end of that day I really don’t give a rat’s ass who you vote for. But if you’re going to vote for one person over another do so because you have a reasoned, well thought out opinion of your own. Don’t do it based on some crap you heard on a campaign ad or because it’s what some talking head on one side of the argument or another told you to believe.

People have the right to their opinions and I cherish that about this country. But for crying out loud don’t be a sheep. Do the research – and by this I mean well rounded research not just what the right or the left says – and form your opinion based on thinking about that research.

Anyone who has taken a minimum amount of time to look into the facts knows that Obama isn’t a radical Muslim. He’s a Christian. And anyone who understands the policies of the Republican party – at least the policies of today’s Republican party – understands that those policies are anything but inclusive and will benefit no one but the very wealthiest.

I don’t care who you vote for but for crying out loud please don’t vote for someone because someone else told you to. Do it because you’ve reviewed the facts, have mulled them over and have formed a reasoned opinion.