Twitter Killed the Job

Twitter Killed the Job

Part of what I do for clients is explain how they can use social media like Twitter to build relationships, enhance their brand and drive more sales. So it’s always interesting to me to hear/read case studies of how individuals/organizations have done just that. Equally interesting, or perhaps more so from a voyeuristic perspective, is how people have used these same media to shoot themselves in the foot.

Current – the online presence for former Vice President Al Gore’s independent media company – had a post about a woman who interviewed at Cisco, got the job and then lost it because of a tweet she sent after the interview.

It opens up some interesting questions like should communication on social media platforms like Twitter be protected as free speech? Should what someone says in an open forum be actionable if it is considered derogatory/offensive by one’s employer? These aren’t new questions of course. They’ve been around since the inception of the internet. However, with the growing popularity of social media and the increasing use of the same by companies it becomes an issue more often.

I’m interested in your thoughts?

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