The Cutomer is Always Right…Right?

The Cutomer is Always Right…Right?

I’ve never billed myself as a web developer. I’m not built for sitting in one spot for long periods of time writing code. I do bill myself as a designer however. I take a client’s goals, objectives and artistic sensibilities and try like hell to translate them into a design that can then be turned into – typically by a web developer – a working website.

Sometimes I start with an existing site and evolve that design as I did in the before and after example below:

Envysion's site before Evolution

Envysion's site before Evolution

's site after Evolution

Envysion's site after Evolution

I won’t go into a lot of details about the motivation behind the design evolution above suffice it to say the new design is sleeker, more professionally representative of the business and incorporates movement via flash.

In the process of this redesign I made several concessions for the client. There were several elements of the design that the client wanted changed that I didn’t necessarily like or agree with but I did them because the changes weren’t material and didn’t violate any design principles.

But what about when a client wants to make changes that do violate either well established design principles or personal principles?

I think we have all come to the point with a client where the working relationship is no longer tenable for whatever reason. In this case it is best to sever the relationship. It think it is important though to do it in a positive manner. I typically refer the client to someone I know can help them complete their project.

What are your thoughts about when a client isn’t right? What about your thoughts on how to positively end a relationship with a client?

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