Social Media Officer

Social Media Officer

A sure sign that corporations are starting to “get it” in regards to the importance of social media being part of the overall marketing strategy is mainstream companies beginning to create position around the subject. Comodo has done just that. They’ve created a Social Media Officer position.

When asked by Practical ecommerce why Melih Abdulhayoglu the CEO of Comodo said:

“Well, humans rode on a horseback for tens of thousands of years and then in less than 100 years, we went from a horseback to a jet plane. What caused that revolution? What was the trigger to get us from a horseback to a jet plane? The answer was the Gutenberg press, the invention of printing that allowed us to retain and share information.”

“The Internet is that printing machine on steroids. The Internet allows us to retain and share information. That’s where social media comes into place. We are using it for socially interacting with each other, connecting us together. It’s the connectedness that is changing the way that we behave, we act, we transact on Internet. That becomes as important as the printing machine itself and this is why we [Comodo] have a position for social media because social media is like the printing machine. It allows us to communicate and share information with people.”

What a brilliant analogy and assessment of the social media landscape. As someone who works with companies to help them figure out how to use social media to build relationships, enhance their brand and drive sales, I hope more CEOs take the same tack in regard to social media and its place in their marketing arsenal.

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