Shrink your bills

Shrink your bills

I stumbled across a service called BillShrink that purports to help average folks save time and money when it comes to managing everyday services such as credit cards and cell phone plans.

BillShrink uses a free, web-based service that provides users with personalized recommendations for everyday services like cell phone plans and credit cards. The recommendations are computed in real-time by matching a users usage profile against millions of different options in that users market (this according to the marketing documentation on BillShrink’s website). The results enable users to view and compare options so they can make a well-informed decision that maximizes savings.

To get started, you will first select the service category of interest (BillShrink currently covers credit cards and cell phone plans but says they will be adding additional services soon). From there, you will be prompted to enter some details about your usage pattern, which will be used to compute your personalized recommendations.

Hey, right now any savings helps. Right?!?

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