New(ish) iPod Shuffle

New(ish) iPod Shuffle

I freely admit that I don’t keep up with Apple’s product development. I like their products – LOVE their design – but I’ve not drunk the Flavor Aid to the extent that most I know have. I had an iPhone and gave it to my girlfriend after a few months because I do a ton of email and texting on my mobile device and I just couldn’t make the transition to a fake keyboard – especially one that was so damn small as it is in landscape mode.

That said I was amazed when I went to the Apple site today – as I often do when seeking design inspiration – and saw on the home page an image of the new iPod Shuffle. It is literally no bigger than an average man’s thumb. Amazing! I thought the last one was small and, in fact, commented to friends that I could never get one because I’d either lose it or forget it was there and sit on it and break it. This new one is just friggin tiny. What’s next? An iPod Shuffle contained entirely inside an ear bud?

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