How to fix a soiled online reputation

In the online era, it can be hard to repair a damaged online reputation — but it’s not impossible.

While there are several strategies for overcoming negative information that has been posted on the web, perhaps the best is to create your own content and drive the bad or erroneous stuff down in search engine rankings. No one but your worst enemy will bother to visit Page 20 on a Google search; most readers will stick to the first page or two. Creating a robust social media and online presence guarantees that the top results will be the ones you want people to see. Studies by Forrester Research have shown that video, in particular, is prized by Google and will rank highly, so you might want to consider a video blog. Traditional blogs, because their content is updated frequently, are also search-engine-friendly. Creating profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter also helps since they frequently show up at or near the top of Internet searches, and it also never hurts to get quoted in the media or write articles for various publications.

All of these strategies benefit brand you so you should be doing them anyway but they are particularly important if negative information has been posted about you.

A new fun, fast and functional way of getting yourself online

Sometimes I forget that there are a lot of people out there who, for various reasons, don’t have the need for a full-on website of their own – maybe they don’t have the time or enough information or the skills or the money. Whatever the reason, for folks who want a web presence but don’t have the need or desire for a full fledged website there is a new tool that will that let you create simple but elegant online presence. Magntize provides you a free, slick website that acts as your digital business card.

The free web-based tool is nice and simple to implement. All you need to do is add your profile information, a picture, a short bio, and contact information. After that, you can add links to your blog, company website, and all your social media accounts. The beauty of Magntize is that it can automatically detect new content within your links and add them to a social stream that appears on your digital card. Once you’ve added links, you can pick from a set of 9 unique themes and countless color schemes.

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Get in the Loopt and discover the world around you

I don’t typically write about social media from a personal use perspective. I try to stick with the business side of things. However, every once in a while I run across an application that resonates with me or that I think is just too cool to not share. Yesterday I found one of those apps. It’s called Loopt. Basically it uses the GPS function on a user’s cell phone to provide a social-mapping service. The company provides a new way for friends to connect, share, and explore in the mobile environment.

Loopt shows users where friends are located and what they are doing via detailed, interactive maps on their mobile phones. The cool little apps also helps friends connect on the fly and navigate their social lives by orienting them to people, places, and events.

And as any good social app should Loopt lets users share location updates, geo-tagged photos, and comments with friends in their mobile address book or on online social networks, communities, and blogs.

Not just for iPhones, Loopt works on a number of mobile devices. Check it out.

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