The Next Generation UI

Amazing, simply amazing. I feel so fortunate that I live in a time when we will see this level of elegance and sophistication. I simply can’t wait to experience it.


A Realistic, Practicable Alternative to Styrofoam

Crazy crashes – a compilation

Just because I was feeling like it:

Crazy Crash Compilation – Watch more Funny Videos

This one scares the crap out of me. Where does the guy who rolls our from under the bus come from?

Crash Crash – Watch more Funny Videos


Available Crash – Watch more Funny Videos


Insane Crash With Two Fire Trucks – Watch more Funny Videos

Ok. This isn’t a crash but it’s just nutty!!

Homemade Bomb Causes Gigantic Explosion – Watch more Funny Videos

Holy Shucking Fit!!

Full Version: Fed Ex Crash – Watch more Funny Videos

What a dufus!

High Speed Treadmill Disaster – Watch more Funny Videos

To wrap it all up:

Compilation of Embarrassing and Busted! Photos – Watch more Funny Videos

That one just makes me laugh.

Colorado Primary – Andrew Romanoff

I listened to an NPR interview Tuesday with Andrew Romanoff who is a candidate for US Congress in the August 10 primaries. I was very impressed with his answers to the questions and to his stand on issues that I think are on all of our minds right now:
1) Jobs
2) The Economy
3) Afghanistan
4) Health Care
5) Renewable Energy
6) Immigration

His answers were straight forward, honest and without any of the political horsehockey that most canidates employ to avoid actually taking a stand. I found his responses refreshing and not just because they happen to be similar to if not the same as my position on the issues. I thin Colorado could do much worse than Andrew Romanov.

My next new phone – Droid X

I cannot wait for this to come out. I am uber excited about the Droid X. I love my Motorola Droid but I have to say the physical keyboard sucks. That is made up for by the fact that the virtual keyboard is WAY better than anything i’ve seen from Apple. I had the iPHone 3GS and the virtual keyboard and predictive typing on my Droid is leaps and bounds better.

I’m really looking forward to HD Video and panoramic photos as well as a faster processor and a larger screen with higher resolution.

I’ll let you know what I think of it as soon as I get it. Oh, and lsatly may I just say that switching to Verizon is the BEST wireless decision I’ve ever made. SO much better than AT&T. Not a single dropped call to date and consistently high connectivity for data and internet.

iPad Competitor

Velocity Micro said on Tuesday that they will be releaseing a $299 Cruz Tablet computer, a handheld device that is priced significantly lower than Apple’s popular iPad tablet.

I’m excited to see competitors to Apple. I’m looking forward to checking this out.

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