12 new TV show ideas

Alex Blagg of A Bazillion Hits posted a hilarious post on 12 new tv ideas that I think is worth a quick read.

I usually like Alex’s irreverence and wit but I found this post to be particularly witty and especially irreverent.

Game Theory Expanded

First and foremost I want this guy’s energy. I think I used to have it but I can’t seem to muster it anymore. I find his concept of applying game theory to the world around us interesting – there are some intriguing business concepts there as well.

Feel Better, Change the World

A call to action from Sheryl WuDunn that, by answering, will help us all feel better, happier and change the world at the same time:

Boulder is on Fire

It’s sad and scary how bad this fire is.

The latest update:

I have a colleague who lives in Four Mile Canyon who, as of 2:14 PM, does not know if he still has a house.

Open a bottle of wine with your shoe

This is very cool.

One Bad Apple

A manager responsible for Apple’s manufacturing in Asia was arrested Friday and charged with 15 counts of wire fraud, five counts of money laundering, one count of wire fraud conspiracy and one count of monetary transactions with criminally derived property, according to court documents.

Apple’s not doing so well lately. Steve is pissing off customers with new iPhones by telling them the reception issues are their fault and not Apples, the iPhone is ranked lower than the Droid now in market penetration and, this is purely personal, iTunes is the crappiest application ever!

Sometimes I just like to vent

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