Makes me smile

I’ve not posted in a while mostly because I’ve been busy but also because the things I’ve thought about posting have been really negative and I just didn’t want to go there. I was asked the following question late yesterday: “Tell me about something that brought you an unexpected smile today.”

What a terrific question. It took about three seconds for me to remember this moment and the smile it brought to my face:

My handsome boy with his toy duck

I’m a bit nuts about my hairy children but let me tell you, on even the very worst of days they bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

I hope this post brought a smile to your face!

People camping out for Ikea opening

Apparently there are people lined up and camping outside of the new Ikea store here in Colorado in anticipation of the grand opening.

Look, I get it, Ikea coming to town is exciting – I’ve been waiting for years for this to happen. But seriously, camping out two days before the opening?!? What is the point?

Don’t these people have jobs? And, if they don’t, what the hell are they doing at Ikea? They won’t be able to buy anything.

I’m a card carrying shopoholic but I have way better things to do than camp out in front of an Ikea in anticipation of opening day. Furthermore, while I’m downright giddy over the fact that we’ll have an Ikea – I have little post-it flags littering the pages of my latest Ikea catalog – I will be NOWHERE near that place for the first couple of weeks. The hoards of rude, unconscious people paying no attention to anyone else on the planet but themselves and their herds of unruly kids running around like wild animals does not sound like fun times to me.

No thank you very much. I will wait till things calm down.

How to fix a soiled online reputation

In the online era, it can be hard to repair a damaged online reputation — but it’s not impossible.

While there are several strategies for overcoming negative information that has been posted on the web, perhaps the best is to create your own content and drive the bad or erroneous stuff down in search engine rankings. No one but your worst enemy will bother to visit Page 20 on a Google search; most readers will stick to the first page or two. Creating a robust social media and online presence guarantees that the top results will be the ones you want people to see. Studies by Forrester Research have shown that video, in particular, is prized by Google and will rank highly, so you might want to consider a video blog. Traditional blogs, because their content is updated frequently, are also search-engine-friendly. Creating profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter also helps since they frequently show up at or near the top of Internet searches, and it also never hurts to get quoted in the media or write articles for various publications.

All of these strategies benefit brand you so you should be doing them anyway but they are particularly important if negative information has been posted about you.

The Man Box – Please View

Of all the presentations I’ve seen over the years this is, without question, one of the most powerful. I encourage every man to watch this – especially men with children – Tony Porter speaks to Ted Women from his own experiences. He articulates clearly the conflict that many of us have as men.

Watch it, think about it, discuss.

The Truth ABout How We Use Social Media

All that can be said is that the analysis herein is brilliant.

Rosa Louise McCauley Park

Today is the 55th anniversary of the day that Rosa Parks told a bus driver she wasn’t going to give up her seat on the bus to make room for a white passenger. As someone who values justice, fairness and equality I am happy that Rosa had the courage to stand up for what was right. As a man who loves and has chosen to spend my life with a woman of color I am incredibly grateful for Rosa and every other person of color who has endured things that I cannot even imagine. I cannot imagine what it’s like to be treated differently than others because I don’t look the same. I cannot imagine being told that I am not as worthy simply because the pigment of my skin is darker. I cannot imagine being threatened or worse for no other reason than the color of my skin.

It saddens me to know that there are still people in this country, in this world, who actually believe that the color of a person’s skin makes them less of a human. Bigotry on any level disgusts me – even though I myself am guilty of it. Since knowing and loving Cristina I have a new found appreciation for how difficult it can still be to be “of color” in America. My hope is that on this day we can all take a moment and think honestly about our own prejudices – be they based on race, creed, religion, socioeconomic status, political affiliation – and maybe take some inspiration from a very brave woman’s act 55 years ago and set them aside.

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