This is cool as hell

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

Something new

It’s not often anymore that I run across something on the web that actually feels new to me. But today I ran across this really cool site called nonsociety. I love it. The layout is really cool – instead of vertical scrolling like most sites do this site scrolls horizontally. That isn’t necessarily new but the way these gals present their info is pretty unique and damn cool. I lost an hour just going through days of these very graphical posts that compelled and captivated me much more than a typical blog’s posts do.

Check these gals out I think you’ll like what you see.

SpaceX successfully launches Falcon 1 to orbit

This is cool stuff…

Soon perhaps any of us who wanted could ride into space – for a price. But beyond my dream of going into space events like this will create the competition needed to make space travel more affordable so that companies can perform work and/or experiments in space the benefits of which we are only starting to imagine.

hallelujah wireless power is here

I’ve been dreaming about and asking for wireless power for years. I’ve always made the joke that we have it already it’s just that the downside is high – lightening really hurts!

On Geekzone yesterday Mauricia Freitas posted about a wireless power transmission demonstration he saw at CES which is precisely what I’ve been wanting.


March of Dimes Mudd Volleyball

This past Saturday I joined friends at the March of Dimes annual Mudd Volleyball tournament. The event was a blast. I’ve never been so dirty in my life.

There’s a link up and to the right to my FaceBook albums and the first one is the album from Saturday. Enjoy and let me know if you want to play next year.

My New Car or How to be Environmentally Sensitive and Sexy as Hell

I think this video speaks for itself:

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